Grounded 3 Outlet Adapter - Green 3 Way Plug Electrical Wall Tap Outlet


Safe, Efficient 3 Outlet Adapter

Iron Forge Cables' 3 Way Plug Adapter is the perfect all-purpose outlet tap for your indoor and outdoor electrical needs. The heavy duty 3 outlet adapter will instantly turn one outlet into three, and can handle everything from everyday appliances to power equipment. Grounded for maximum safety.

Designed for Outdoor Use

Whether you want to power a leaf blower, lawn mower, bug zapper, pressure washer, weed whacker, electric drill, power saw, Christmas decorations, or outdoor lights, this high quality 3 way plug adapter is designed to meet all your outdoor needs and hold up well. The outlet safety covers protect your 3 outlet adapter from moisture, debris, and other unwanted particles. The weather resistant design protects against moisture, abrasion, and sunlight. The plug offers reinforced prongs that won't bend or break when you use them. And the wall tap outlet's green color blends in with your lawn.

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