50 Ft All Weather Extension Cord with 3 Electrical Power Outlets - Stays Flexible in Extreme Cold & Hot Temperatures from -58°F to +221°F - 16/3 SJEOW Lighted Outdoor Cable


Built for Extreme Weather cold weather extension cord can handle temperatures as low as -58°F and as high as +221°F, all while remaining flexible and working without interruption. Oil and Water Resistant Designed for rugged outdoor use, this extreme weather extension cord is oil, water, and flame resistant. Reinforced blades protect prongs from bending or breaking. Lighted Socket The female end of the cord lights up to indicate when the power is on. Slip resistant design, heavy duty strain relief for optimal performance, and 3 prong grounded plug for added safety. UL certified, 3 wire 50 ft weather extension cord, 13 amp, 125 volt, 1625 watt outdoor weather proof extension cord, weather resistant extension cord, extension cord weather, outdoor all weather extension cord, outdoor cold weather extension cord, outdoor extension cord weather, all weather outdoor extension cord, extreme weather extension cord, weather proof outdoor extension cord

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