SKU: PL-IFC-L14-104B40-FN-M

30 Amp Generator Cord - L14-30 40 Ft Generator Power Cable with Organizer 10/4 SJTW, 125/250v, 7500 Watt


WEATHER RESISTANT Flexible vinyl covering protects the L14-30 generator cord against water, snow, dirt, dust, abrasion and sunlight. TWIST LOCKING PLUG & REINFORCED BLADES Locking plug stays securely in place and won’t slip out. Reinforced blades protect prongs from bending or breaking. INCLUDES CORD ORGANIZER Organizer for convenient storage and transportation of your 30amp generator cord. EMERGENCY READY This weatherproof generator power cord will help you stay prepared for any situation, whether it’s for a mass power outage or a fun camping trip. Multiple lengths available to reach your transfer switch from your generator. HEAVY DUTY 10 gauge cable, 40 foot, 30 amp generator cord, 125/250 volt, 7500 watt, L14-30, UL Listed, Made to Meet OSHA Specifications

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